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April 12-14 DHS

Upcoming Holidays (Christmas, March Break)

This year the December Holiday Season goes from December 21 until January 5.  The school spring break is March 7 to 16.  During these dates there is a minimum booking of 5 days.

As of December 11, we are completely full from December 22 to December 29.  

We do have a couple spots available from December 30.

We do have space for the December 13 weekend

We could probably take another couple for the December 20-22 weekend.

We are about 1/3 full for the March Break.


Upcoming Weekends

As we approach the summer, weekends tend to book up in advance.  

Here is a quick heads up with regards to availability over the next few weekends.

  • August 23-25.  Full.  August 30th-September 2nd (Labor day weekend), some space left.  And that is it.  Summer is done!



Rate Increase

Our prices are going up July 1, from $30 to $32 for a single dog (HST included).

Rate will rise from $56 to $60 per day for two dogs.

It has been six years since we have increased our rate; the past rate increase three years was the inclusion of the HST (prior to that we only charged GST).

Bookings that are in our reservation system for July/August will remain at the old rate.


New sign!

Finally have our new sign installed!



Spring is here – And summer long weekends

Spring is here and with that, the grass goes green the pool is open and we march towards the summer season.  Photos are continuing to be added to our Facebook page on a weekly basis; no account is necessary to view the albums!

Holiday Weekends Summer 2013

Note we are closed to Humans July 1.  Other holiday Mondays, we are open 4pm-6pm only

  • Victoria Day, Friday May 17-Monday May 20
  • Canada Day weekend, Friday June 28-Monday July 1 (we are closed to Humans July 1)
  • Civic Holiday, August – Friday August 2-Monday August 5
  • Labour Day, Friday August 30-Monday September 2

April 26 to 28 2013


Easter Weekend (March 29th to April 1)

Notes for Easter Weekend 2013.

  • As of March 21, still have space.


  • We are Closed to humans on Good Friday.
  • Normal hours on Saturday
  • Normal hours Easter Sunday (7pm to 8pm only)
  • Monday, closed in the morning, open 4 to 6pm only

March Break

Very limited space for the march break….


Family Day hours…

As per any civic holiday Monday, we are open 4pm to 6pm only.

Sunday hours are the same, 7pm to 8pm only!

Hope all are having a great weekend!


New photos…

Photos are posted first to our facebook page  but typically, with a bit of a delay, I do post the exact albums here as well.  New photos are up for May and early June!



Recently we have started posting more photos to Facebook as many travelers tell me they access that more than the website.

Not everyone has Facebook however, so while photos will appear first on Facebook, the albums will be imported into the photo section under the same album title.

Posted the first album this morning from May 17th.