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  • The Kennel was started in 1970 by my parents with three pens in the family garage; born of the need for a place where dogs were not left to pace in indoor/outdoor runs.

  • In 1973 the kennel moved to its current location.  Larger sleeping quarters, 10 acres of land fenced in and an attitude for being “dog first”.

  • In 2004 David Jr returned to the kennel and since that time has gradually taken over day to day operations; alternating between the kennel and traveling the world playing squash.

  • The evolution continues – with four separate exercise areas, the pool for dogs, a Facebook page where I post thousands of your pet’s vacation photos and now aerial photography.

  • The Philosophy remains the same; in that we are here to provide your pet with an experience best suited for his/her activity level, no matter the size, breed or age of dog.

  • Most of what you need to know is on our site including Reservation forms for new and returning clients, thousands of photos on our facebook page (you don’t need an account to view them).  If you still have questions, give us a call or send us an email.

  • Vet Consent forms: It would be helpful to have a vet consent form signed by all our clients.  Vets will no longer accept your dog in case of emergency without it.  You can find it under the reservations header.  Fill it in and either email us a photo of the completed form or drop it off when you arrive.


  • Photos are regularly posted to our Facebook Page, in dated albums of which there is a current feed to the right!  To see all albums go via the below link.  You do not need to have a Facebook account!

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  • On occasion I get comments about the Reservation forms and stuff not displaying properly.  The code for the site is tested on the latest updated browsers, Chrome, Safari and Explorer, primarily Google Chrome.   If you are having problems, let me know, just in case, however in most cases update your browser!

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